Bottled water: Pure convenience

sleepyneko. Flickr. August 27, 2007.

sleepyneko. Flickr. August 27, 2007.

The minerals in a favorite brand of bottled water may improve its taste, but not its nourishment.  Tap water offers the same hydration, but not the same convenience.  Americans love packaged foods.  No matter the lightness of the steel, the durability of the plastic, or the sleekness of the design, refillable water bottles can’t achieve the convenience of disposable, bottled servings of water.  There are no worries about losing a favorite or an expensive water bottle.  Spills or drips into a bag or onto clothes don’t happen.  Taking responsibility for an adequate intake of water is also less burdensome than taking responsibility for its container.

There’s also the prestige of buying water.  Even the most oblivious among us know that tap water is free.  Like designer clothes, bottled water is evidence of a high disposable income or conspicuous consumption.  If the brand is a well-known one, it suggests not only affluence, but sophistication.  In the interests of creating less plastic trash, how might consumers be encouraged to choose refillable over disposable water bottles?

1.  A solution might be found in clear refillable water bottles.  Flaunting one’s optimal hydration and healthy lifestyle would be facilitated by the view of the contents of the bottle.

2. Logos or personalization with one’s initials or photograph would enable individuals to identify with their refillable bottles.  The prestige of particular logos might improve sales of refillable water bottles.

3. An emphasis on decorum in the design of refillable water bottles such that they resemble cups instead of bottles is needed.  Imbibing water should have all the grace of sipping coffee.  Swigging water from a bottle implies sweaty exercise rather than a cordial meal or break.

What do you recommend?  How do you drink your water?

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