Breakfast with the family: It’s toast

Dottie Mae. Flickr. November 18, 2010

Probably the next best thing to sliced bread is the shiny, chrome appliance used to brown it.  Warm, crunchy, and permeated with butter, jam, or peanut butter, the aromas of toast are a friendlier wake-up call than even Italian roast coffee from freshly-ground beans.  Whether you toast raisin bread, blueberry waffles, or pumpernickel bagels, family members will materialize at the breakfast table without setting any snooze alarms.

The toaster is a friend to the reluctant cook as well as the reluctant morning riser.  Sandwiches prepared from toasted bread boast of all the flavor and texture of a heartier, hot meal.  The speed of preparing a stack of toast rivals the production of pancakes.  Even better, toast can be prepared without incident even when the cook is not yet fully awake.  There’s no danger of mismeasurement, breakage, or burns.

Toast was likely the first portable or “carry-out” breakfast, too.  As an edible platform for peanut butter, cheese, bacon, or eggs, it’s the perfect convenience breakfast.  Families who formerly ignored or grumped at one another at the breakfast table can now enjoy an extra half hour of sleep.  Junior or juniorette can choose the PopTarts without preparing a parental rebuttal worthy of the debate team.  Eating is a productive use of time in a car pool or on public transportation, too.  It prevents unwanted conversations; there’s no talking around a mouthful of toast.  The judicious distribution of crumbs may ensure an absence of companions within the diner’s vicinity as well. For parental chauffeurs, it provides a respite from complaints about lunch, arguments about school dress requirements, or demands for weekend excursions.  Thanks to the toaster, families can now save their energies, appetites, manners, and repartee for the dinner table.

© Laura Rizzardini, Inc., 2011

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